IMADE supplies all kind of Visaka Industries Ltd. products for fiber cement board, company was promoted by Dr.Vivekanand in 1981 to manufacturer Fiber Cement Sheets. Today, the company has manufacturing plants across the country with a turnover of INR925 Crores, making it the second largest cement sheet manufacturer in India. The non-asbestos cement board & panel division was established in the year 2008. The company boasts of a massive portfolio with 8 fiber cement roofing sheets plants having manufacturing capacities of 8,,30,000MT per annum, 2Vboard plants having manufacturing capacities of 1,20,000MT per annum, a Vpanel plant having capacity of 3,00,000 Sq.m., and textile yarn plant. With a focused vision of revolutionizing modern construction as we know it, the company manufactures the highest quality products that are exported around the world.

Product Specifications



1. Exova Warrington fire-rating Certified
2. Asbestos Free.
3. Energy Efficient
4. Termite Resistant
5. Weather Resistant
6. Low Shrinkage
7. Easy Workability

8. Low Operational Cost
9. Light Weight
10. Sound Insulation.
11. Aesthetics with Durability
12. Eco-Friendly
14. Water Resistant



V-Designer Boards with textured surface finishes - "V-Cedar" and "V-Stone" are available as ready to use as wall panels. Options of different surface finishes are possible using with laminations, veneer, wall papers, etc.on Vboard. 8mm, 10mm



Vboards have been especially tailor made to handle stress and load. These qualities make Vboard the perfect choice for mezzanine flooring and additional storage areas while saving time, obtaining a precision finish and providing flexibility for customization.



Vboard has an added advantage from other materials being fire water and termite resistant making it an effective, elegant, and sturdy partition system. Vboard also offers acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, and fire resistance properties - essentially required for wall partitions in Offices, malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, theatres, commercial and industrial establishments.



V board and V-Designer Boards with textured surface finishes - "V-Oceanic" and "V-Lake & Hill" offer smart choices for modern false ceilings in commercial, industrial and residential applications.



Vboard is resistant to water damage. With its everlasting quality, Vboard is the smart choice for interiors with high contact to moisture. V-tiles backer board provide a suitable base for laying ceramic tiles.



Vboard having properties like water resistance, termite resistance, high aesthetic flexibility and its flexible workability has resulted in it being used in the construction of kitchen cabinets, resulting in long lasting and highly appealing kitchen interiors



Vboard being low shrinkage, termite proof, water resistant and Asbestos Free makes it the obvious choice for constructing a cost efficient, time efficient, healthy and long lasting wardrobe. The aesthetic flexibility Vboard provides allows for a gorgeous custom-made design



Ibrahim M Al-Dosary Est. (IMADE) Interiors Design & Decoration are committed to safety, quality, environment and sustainability and have many accreditation. At IMADE, nothing is more important. Quality work is delivered right the first time; we stake our reputation on it.

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We have provided customized solutions for first time home owners as well as some of the most visible companies and brands in the region. IMADE Interiors specializes in providing full-scope turnkey interior fit-out and furnishing for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail outlets, offices and much more

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