Wiparquet | Best Protection againt moisture

We have covered the surface of the panels Wiparquet special antistatic coating, which reduces the deposition of dust on the panels and avoids the unpleasant effect of electrification of the surface. Antistatic properties are stable and do not change over the life of the floor.

Made in German


Wiparquet soils of the next generation
With new surfaces and finishes laminate flooring are the selection wiparquet best evidence for the thesis that there is no standing still in evolution. Nature itself with its millions of years old development history is the model for the particular laminate surfaces of the selection wiparquet.

SIZE: 1290 x 194 x 7.0 mm


Ibrahim M Al-Dosary Est. (IMADE) Interiors Design & Decoration are committed to safety, quality, environment and sustainability and have many accreditation. At IMADE, nothing is more important. Quality work is delivered right the first time; we stake our reputation on it.

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We have provided customized solutions for first time home owners as well as some of the most visible companies and brands in the region. IMADE Interiors specializes in providing full-scope turnkey interior fit-out and furnishing for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail outlets, offices and much more

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